Unclaimed Property Claim Form

The City of McKinney is committed to processing and paying all unclaimed property within 90 days or less. Claimants are required to provide the city with sufficient proof and documentation to substantiate entitlement to payment. You must be 18 years or older to claim property. When preparing your claim form, keep in mind that all available information that you can list will help ensure a smooth and productive claims process.

Attach the following information with this Claim Form:

1. Copy of your driver’s license; or

2. Federal Tax ID number (if applicable); or

3. Any official form used for identification

4. List of all addresses used that may be associated with property being claimed, including post office box numbers.

Claimant Information:

Claimant Name or Business Contact

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Current Address*
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Previous Addresses:
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Failure to provide your IDENTIFICATION, SIGNATURE, or COMPLETION OF THIS CLAIM FORM will result in your payment not being processed. Please do not attach any identification that includes a social security number.

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